Lorcán Mac Mathúna

Dublin born and bred improvising singer and composer Lorcan has a special interest in the nature of vocal music. His many projects investigate and elaborate on the improvising nature of the human voice in solo and collaborative settings. This includes A Cappella Sean-Nós singing, contemporary compositions of an improvised nature, music composition theory based on syllabic poetic forms, and more.

Lorcán’s first release in 2007, Rógaire Dubh, was the first step in a career which focuses on the performance of Sean-Nós conventions within diverse musical frameworks.

He has undertaken studies in traditional music styles and extended techniques; of traditional music from select European and Asian cultures investigating their correlation with sean nós song style; of vocal dance music, which led to the compositional project, Preab Meadar, with traditional fiddler, Daire Ó Breacáin; and the correlation between oral metre and improvisation in western Oral music.

Lorcán directed and composed an original piece, with lyrics written by Rody Gorman, which grew out of an earlier collaboration between the two.