First single release 16 November 2018

The single Òran Bagraidh will be on general release on 16 November. The single is a preview to the full album Oran Bagraidh that was recorded during the residency.

The artists worked together to create a new arrangement of Òran Bagraidh (Song of Defiance). This song is allegedly the only surviving example of the extinct dialect of Galloway Gaelic, spoken across South West Scotland from the 5th to 18th century, alongside English, early Welsh and Scots. The song mentions several place names in the Glenkens parish of present-day Dumfries and Galloway.

Some parts of the song are unintelligible to modern Gaelic speakers and academics and translations of the song vary. It is generally agreed to be a revenge song for an unpaid ransom following the murder of a significant person.

Taking informed guesses as to pronunciation, the song is sung in its original format in a Lingua Gadelica (a phrase coined by Scottish Gaelic/Irish Poet Rody Gorman during the residency), combining Scottish and Irish Gaelic elements which, from the evidence of local place-names, was the case with Gaelic in Galloway. The song is also rendered in part in Welsh phonetics, reflecting reference to early Welsh place-names.

Listen here