Ten diverse artists from across the UK and Ireland came together for a week in Galloway to create new work inspired by Oran Bagraidh, a medieval song believed to be the only surviving example of Galloway Gaelic, a distinct dialect spoken across South West Scotland for many hundreds of years until the 18th century. Galloway was a linguistically diverse area of Scotland and in medieval times early Welsh, old English, and Norse were spoken alongside Gaelic.

The multi-lingual collaboration sees Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Welsh, English and Scots vocals alongside northern triplepipes and lyres, electronics, shimmering soundscapes and traditional instruments, juxtaposing the ancient with the very latest technology.

Award winning Scots/ Gaelic singer Josie Duncan, lauded Irish song archaeologist Lorcán Mac Mathúna, former Welsh poet laureate and singer Gwyneth Glyn, celebrated Irish Sean-Nós singer Doimnic Mac Giolla Bhríde, Belfast fiddler Conor Caldwell, ancient instrument virtuoso Barnaby Brown, poet, singer and performance artist MacGillivray, widely published poet Rody Gorman and medieval Welsh duo Bragod have created work that is surprising, authentic, rooted in history yet fresh and personal in perspective.

‘Oran Bagraidh…is an invitation to us all to dig deep, to delve into and question our ingrained beliefs. However, Oran Bagraidh, this beautiful album from the brilliant group of outstandingly talented people, is something that we can simply bask in.’

fRoots Magazine